The Cure Boosting Mist

Why Boosting Mist? Because: this product gives you a boost…


The Cure Essentials Mini Kit

Minis of your favourite daily essentials packed together in a…


The Cure Body Whip

Keep your skin happy and healthy from head to toe.…


The Cure Face+Neck Mask

The perfect Face Mask that isn't drying! Deep cleans, helps…


The Cure Face+Neck Serum

Good for all skin types and ages. Ultra-hydrating + healing…


The Cure Body Serum

Dewy, glowing skin. The Body Serum is jam-packed with healing…



Spice of Life Mini 5-Pack

This mini pack hosts 5 Spice of Life pepper sauces…


Tropic Like Its Hot

This sauce blends habanero, jalapeno and pineapples to create a…


Holy Smoked Pepper Sauce

‘Holy Smoked Pepper Sauce’ will keep you coming back for…