Artist Biography

Lesley McInally completed her Bachelor of Design Honours Degree in Ceramics and Printmaking at Dundee University, Scotland. She worked as a full time professional ceramic artist producing both functional and decorative ceramics for galleries throughout the UK. In 2004 she immigrated to Canada where she continued her studio practice in Cookstown, Ontario. Lesley is widely known for her unique
stretched slab and hand built vessels. Incorporating her printmaking skills she also developed a highly tactile surface using coloured slips and underglazes which create a rich depth of surface texture. Lesley McInally’s functional pieces capture landscapes with primitive childlike
qualities and often explore the dramatic seascapes of expressionist paintings. Each piece tells its own unique story and often takes the viewer on a nostalgic dreamlike journey. Lesley has taught her techniques in many ceramic educational establishments and has been the recipient of numerous prestigious awards and grants. She continues to
exhibit her work nationally and internationally.