Finding Peace

24" x 18"

Reflecting Back

48" x 72"
$6200 SOLD

Morning Sparkle

18" x 48"
$1500 SOLD

Solo Pine

12" x 36"
$730 SOLD

Making Memories

36" x 36"
$2340 SOLD

Algonquin Sentries

40" x 24"
$1730 SOLD

Late Tea

36" x 12"
$850 SOLD

Artist Biography

I grew up in a family that spent summers camping and hiking. Combine this with an artistic creative father and it was only natural for me to develop a love for the outdoors and create art based on nature. My passion for the natural world steered me towards a formal education in the sciences while still continuing to develop my creative side on my own time. I believe that this scientific education developed my observation skills which allows me to see the world both as an artist and a Zoologist.
My paintings represent my passion for the natural world seen through my eyes. For me, its all about light and how it interacts with colour and form in the environment. I usually paint or am inspired by real locations, areas that I feel connected to. Although I have travelled throughout Canada and painted much of it, it is Ontario, my home, that I have the greatest affinity for. My paintings are often based on the local landscapes of rolling hills, marshes and woodlands to the rocky Canadian shield and white pine studded shorelines of the northern lakes where I spend my summers.
I am basically a self taught artist, guided, at a young age, by my artist father in oils. I experimented and attended workshops for many different medias throughout my life, among which pen and ink and oil paints were my favourites and my primary focus. To this day, I still use pen and ink to illustrate for the North American Native Plant Society bulletins.
I now live in the hills of King Township, close to the Oak Ridges Moraine trails where I walk daily with my dog and find artistic inspiration everywhere. I regularly explore the Parry Sound/ Muskoka areas and visit Algonquin park regularly, canoeing, hiking and photographing the landscape or painting en plein air.
I often participate in juried art shows and have won numerous awards over the years. My paintings can be found in private and corporate collections throughout the world.