Artist Biography

After twenty years designing and manufacturing in the garment
industry it was time to embark on raising our three children. Always a
love for working with my hands, clay became an active hobby.
Over a period of 10 years I took countless hours of lessons,
participated in students shows and sales, and spent many summers
enrolled at the Haliburton School for the Arts, I became hooked on
working with clay. This inspiration, found me at Sheridan College
graduating with honors in 2010. Since this time I have continued the
path of building my studio, making objects and selling my work.
I am a strong believer in pottery that celebrates daily life serving,
receiving and the sharing of food and drink. I enjoy creating
groupings of vessels that create a dialogue, both functional and
I am fascinated with process, shape, colour and texture drawing
inspiration from the world that surrounds me, both natural and
architecturally. Using a wide range of techniques to build forms, I find
the challenge of surface and glazing exciting and the possibilities