Artist Biography

I am interested in the relationships that different objects have with each
other. I enjoy exploring visual balance in three dimensional space as the
shape of one artefact plays off another. Texture, colour and type of material are all taken into account.

The historical narrative of the objects also interests me greatly.
Individual artefacts that once were used daily have been discarded and
ignored. I find these objects and try to see their texture, shape and use in a
new light. I create a new story for them in the creation of my assemblages.
New relationships and meanings are formed and the new gestalt offers an
organization that is hopefully both unique and visually interesting.

My artistic process begins with a wide search for found objects, discarded
pieces of wood or used interesting pieces of hardware. Yard sales, flea
markets and antique stores are investigated with a particular eye. The patina, rarity and perceived elegance of an object are all taken into account. For some reason, I am attracted to antiques and collectibles.
I may be drawn to the workmanship of the past or even traces of my own
childhood. The joy of the hunt and the excitement in the find becomes part of the ongoing narrative of each piece. Each artefact will rest for a while in a cluttered, but organized workshop until its new calling becomes apparent. A central idea triggered by a particular object will generate a process of assembly in which objects are added or taken away with the goal of intuitively improving what the eye sees. I love old switches and mechanisms that move. A lever from an old meat grinder takes centre stage as it turns with a satisfying resistance. An old electrical switch clicks on command and I feel as if something has been accomplished. The illusion of control fills me with a subtle joy as I manipulate switches and levers and dials that seem to do something but, in fact, only alter my inner state.

As a sculptor, I help people see my found artefacts and discarded pieces of
wood with a different eye. Sometimes there is a serious theme to the work,
but often there is a sense of play and discovery. Hopefully, that spark of joy
I feel when creating will become apparent to others.