“Colliding & Colluding” a Beverley Hawksley Solo Exhibition

May 3rd 2024 to June 7th 2024

Local mixed media painter Beverley Hawksley is exploring our relationship with nature, through her captivating art exhibition, ‘Colliding & Colluding’. The exhibition will be held at Coles Art Market from May 3rd to June 7th, 2024. Inspired by the profound connection between humanity and the natural world, Beverley’s collection delves deep into the essence of wildness and the spiritual resonance it evokes.

The exhibition’s theme is captured by Beverley’s own words “We feel a certain magic and privilege when we cross paths with the truly “wild ones”. Even a distant sighting makes us feel a little altered, a little more aware that we are a part of some mystery”. This sentiment echoes throughout her artwork, inviting viewers to explore their own primal instincts and intuitive connections.

Colliding & Colluding’ is not just an exhibition; it’s a narrative journey that beckons us to unlock the secrets of our own wild souls. As Beverley aptly puts it, “When we spend time in nature, we sense some hint of an answer to our longing for connection to the bigger picture.” Through her art, she invites us to let the wild one within us emerge and flourish. 

In a special collaboration this year, ‘Colliding & Colluding’ is proud to partner with Aspen Valley Wildlife Sanctuary. Aspen Valley is a renowned organization dedicated to rescuing and rehabilitating injured and orphaned wildlife, providing them with a safe haven to thrive and, eventually return to their natural habitats. Aspen Valley also provides forever homes for native species that cannot be released back into the wild due to human interference.  As part of this partnership, visitors to the exhibition will have the opportunity to donate to Aspen Valley Wildlife Sanctuary and contribute to their noble cause. Visit the link to RSVP and for more ways to donate.

“Colliding & Colluding” will be on display at Coles Art Market from May 3rd to June 7th, free admission. A wine and cheese reception will be held at Coles Market on May 3rd, from 6pm to 9pm. There is no admission fee to the event, but with limited space, RSVP is required (Click to RSVP). Don’t miss this opportunity to meet Beverley in person, and be among the first to take in this incredible solo exhibit. For more information, please email cj@colesart.ca or call 705-789-3205.

PS. Stay tuned for an exclusive, advanced preview of Beverley’s work!