“Light Shines Through” A Meghan Irvine Solo Show

May 12th to June 9th 2023

Landscape painter Meghan Irvine is exploring the nature of light in an exciting new art show, “Light Shines Through”, to be held at Coles Art Market from May 12th to June 9th, 2023. This special exhibit centres around qualities of light in the Muskoka landscape, exploring how light can change the colour, the mood, and the emotions in a fleeting instant. “It is those moments when the angle of the sun transforms everything, when the world changes colour, that catches my breath,” says Meghan, describing how these moments inspire in her a deep connection to both the “stability and the fleeting nature of the world around me.”

Meghan’s paintings create the same feeling of deep connection in the viewer, as they reveal the dynamic and varied nature of light in Muskoka’s landscapes. Whether it’s the sun catching the pine-tops, or sparkling on rivers and lakes, or bursting through clouds, light gives each place, each moment a singularity of its own. It is these moments that helped inspire “Light Shines Through”, and Meghan hopes her works can remind viewers that even on our darkest days, there is light, comforting us like an old friend. “Something about this golden light makes me feel like everything is okay and lightens my heart just a little,” she says. “There is comfort in the sunlight… knowing and trusting that there is always light that will shine through, and come again.” Her message is a vital one for these uncertain times, when we could all use a little more light in our lives. “Each one of these paintings was done with the hope that they would spread more light, lift more hearts, and maybe inspire a few deeper breaths.”

“Light Shines Through” will be on display at Coles Art Market from May 12th to June 9th, free admission. A special opening reception will be held at Coles Market on May 12th, from 6pm to 9pm, with light refreshments and beverages provided by Canvas Brewing Co. This reception is free but with limited space, registration is encouraged and can be found at the following link Opening Reception – Meghan Irvine Solo Show . Don’t miss this opportunity to meet Meghan in person, and be among the first to take in this incredible solo exhibit. For more information, please email cj@colesart.ca or call 705-789-3205.